The Top 3 NHL Teams That Make Good Money Off The Sport

Hockey is actually one of the most beloved sports in the 21st century. However. just like any other sport, there has to be a few highs and lows, in this case, Hockey always records the highest number of downsides than any other sport. So why is this? How can such a high profile sport suffer from so many controversies?

Well, it all points back to the revenue factor. How much money do NHL teams make? What’s the revenue generated for each game?. According to reports, most of the revenue generated by NHL comes from ticket sales, TV revenue, sponsors, concessions and merchandise sales.

Multiple Streams of Revenue.

However, some teams make their money through other means that are not hockey related. And it’s not just licensing for protein powder on Bodybuilding.com or anything like that. Peripheral revenue like concessions and concerts at hockey venues are still a significant revenue stream for many professional hockey teams.The teams that have their own arenas benefit the most. Don’t get us wrong: hockey players aren’t searching the internet for promotional vouchers for their protein powder or anything like that. Hockey players still have an average annual salary of ¬†$2.9 million. This is the main reason why we have teams making lots of money annually while others are experiencing major losses. Here are some of the teams that make good money from the sport;

1. The New York Rangers

The team makes it at the top of the list with a $1.2 billion team value. The New York Rangers are by far the most valuable team in NHL for the longest time. The team boasts of having the most energetic and passionate fan bases than any other team. The Rangers were ranked third in ticket sales revenue by NHL for the 2015-16 season. In addition, the team records the highest number of sold out tickets for every game played.

2. The Montreal Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens are also making good money off the sport. The team ranks second as the most valuable NHL team with a $1.18 billion figure estimate. The 2015-16 season was quite harsh on the team, but this did not affect the team’s value in any way. In fact, the team still continues to harbor some of the highest paid players. The Montreal Canadiens continue to hold on to second place ahead of the Toronto Maple Leafs in terms of team value and revenue.

3. The Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs take on the third spot with a $1.15 billion value estimate. The team continues to generate good revenue through merchandise and ticket sales. The Toronto Maple Leafs have some of the top rated players in NHL, putting it a step ahead from the Chicago Blackhawks.  Here is a complete list of the most valuable teams in the league.


The future of Hockey is still yet unclear but the fact that there are few teams ripping off good profits from the game, it’s a clear indication that things are about to get better. We can only hope to see more NHL teams ranking higher in terms of revenue for the next coming years.

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