The 6 Budget Vaping Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

Most people fail to understand how there’s such a thing as affordable vaping. Just like all the other fine things in life, you have to pay for vaping. However, there’s a way to enjoy the same relaxing vaping experience without eating into your savings. Welcome to my guide on how to vape without breaking your budget.

1. Getting an affordable e-cig


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Thanks to fierce brand competition, e-cigs no longer cost a fortune. If you can capitalize on this, you’ll get the same superior quality products at a fraction of the cost. In fact, vaping on its own is more economical than traditional smoking. In the vaping world, people form co-ops where they join hands and make one large wholesale order straight to the manufacturer. Due to these economies of scale, you’ll get e-cigs and other vaping gear at unbeatable rates. Join Facebook groups of similar minded people and see if they organize such a thing.

2. Making the most of referral programs

Most online vaping stores offer incentives for bringing new clients. They give you store “points” which you can redeem for freebies. Isn’t this enough motivation to pressure your smoking friends and make them switch to the healthier alternative? And you’ll save a few bucks while at it too.

3. Talk to suppliers nicely

Who wouldn’t want a good review? If you genuinely love products from a given supplier, appreciate them. contact them first before writing good reviews and mass emailing friends. You could also ask them if they work with coupon codes. Don’t be unethical. Don’t advertise products you don’t believe in an attempt to get better discounts.

4. Keep an eye on flash sales

Most vendors run promotions at the end of the month with hopes of meeting their monthly sales quota. Get on their email subscription list. Like their Facebook page and download their app – if they have one. This way, you will always be among the first people to get these deals. However, you clear of impulse buying. This is why you buy anything on offer “for the sake”. You’re trying to save money. Remember this.

5. Write down expenses

If there’s one budgeting tip that has stood the test of time – its record keeping. When you note down vaping expenses, you will start to think critically before making a purchase. This way, you will know how much you’re spending each month on vaping and you can then budget appropriately. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of your purchases, trying using Microsoft Excel. You can download a budgeting app on your phone too.

6. Go the DIY route

Perhaps making your own e-liquid is the most effective way of vaping while on budget. Well, it may be costly at first but once you have the setup ready, you will be making e-liquids at a fraction of the cost. There are many tutorials on YouTube showing how you could make e-liquids at home. All DIY enthusiasts will definitely enjoy working on such a fun project. Consider making your own coils and mods too.