Can I use my ice hockey pants for inline hockey?


I have all ice hockey equipment but I don’t yet have the skills for ice hockey (checking, balance, etc) I just got inline hockey skates and im gonna try inline hockey first. can I use my ice hockey pants for inline hockey or do I need the inline pants?





get inline pants. if you wear ice hockey pants or shoulder pads to an inline game youll get made fun of non stop. even the guys on your team will laugh at you. im not saying that its right, but it will happen. you can get an inline girdle and pants pretty cheap and you can get inline chest protectors and/or padded shirts. my brother played pro roller and played with guys like cj yoder and a bunch of others. take my word for it.


Yes but it’d be overkill / bulky unless for a full-check inline league or tournament.

For inline, you can get away with roller-designed pants and use either a shell to
go over them or the full-length ones which are also gonna cover your shinguards.


You don’t want to be that guy. Everyone will look at you like you’re crazy. Additionally, your body will become so incredibly hot with those bulky pants. Like Eric and Tex said, actual inline pants are the way to go. You would want to buy a girdle for underneath the pants (the part that actually protects you).

Note: This advice is only if you wanted to take it up seriously and competitively. If you just want to screw around then there’s no shame in wearing ice hockey pants.

Determine if you are a junior or senior size and go shopping.
Bulkier girdles offer more protection, but can slow you down.
The opposite is true for more lightweight girdles.

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