What is the difference between men and women’s ice hockey shoulder pads?


I am looking into getting ice hockey equipment. My boyfriend is teaching me to play, so I need to get all the required equipment. Is there a difference between men and womens shoulder pads? I got a pair of men’s and they seem a little tight around the bust but at my local hockey store all they have is men’s.





Men’s pads will work fine, but women’s pads have a large chest plate that is molded for a woman’s body. If you can only find men’s, use them, but make sure you find a model that doesn’t easily ride up.

chris s

it depends on your bust size.but yes there is a difference try to find the womens set or you might br sorry.


Boob cups


if the mens pads are tight around the bust then maybe the women’s pads will be better. or you can just get a bigger mens size. i use mens and they work fine.


That about answers it, its all about the bust, lol. It kind of works, that more than a B cup, should be wearing womens. Especially, if your petite, yet busty.


Women’s pads have less padding in the shoulders because in all women’s leagues they are not allowed to check, they are also shaped to a women’s body, for finding a pair you should go online, but if you cant get a larger pair of mens to incorporate ur chest

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