I’m looking to buy a complete ice hockey equipment set nothing real expensive. Please leave sites in answers. Thanks guys.


what website do u use to find good ice hockey equipment on sale. While paying a good price on good equpiment


I am going on holiday to Florida (International Drive) and was wondering if there was any stores that sell ice hockey equipment.
I read that Sports Dominator had recently closed and that there was a smaller store, Dicks, that sold some but not a lot.
Is there anywhere else?


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I have all ice hockey equipment but I don’t yet have the skills for ice hockey (checking, balance, etc) I just got inline hockey skates and im gonna try inline hockey first. can I use my ice hockey pants for inline hockey or do I need the inline pants?


I am looking into getting ice hockey equipment. My boyfriend is teaching me to play, so I need to get all the required equipment. Is there a difference between men and womens shoulder pads? I got a pair of men’s and they seem a little tight around the bust but at my local hockey store all they have is men’s.